Empower your body, elevate your confidence!

I know what it is like to feel lost and overwhelmed when it comes to fitness. I've been there myself. But I also know that it is possible to transform your body and your life with the right guidance and support. That's why I'm here. I want to help you achieve your fitness goals and build a healthier, more confident you.

My training programs are tailored to your individual needs and goals. So whether you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete, I can help you reach your full potential in a safe and effective way. All sessions offer exercise guidance specifically designed to develop permanent, positive changes to your body, your level of physical fitness as well as your overall well-being. Basic nutritional guidance and support can be provided upon request.

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Courage is the foundation of strength and confidence. Be courageous, be strong, and be confident.


New clients receive a comprehensive fitness assessment to identify their current fitness level and any areas for improvement. The assessment measures:

  • Muscular imbalances: Differences in strength or flexibility between different muscle groups.
  • Strength: The amount of force your muscles can produce.
  • Mobility/Flexibility: The amount of movement possible at a joint and the ability of a muscle to lengthen and contract without restriction.
  • Body composition: The percentage of fat and lean mass in your body.
  • Posture: the alignment of the body

Initial PT Session $85

A 55 minute session that includes a fitness assessment, individualized workout plan to meet fitness goals, and a 3D body composition scan report.

Packages Available:

All packages are available in person or virtual.

  • 12 – 55 Minute Sessions ($840)
  • 24 – 55 Minute Sessions ($1560)
  • 12 – 25 Minute Sessions ($480)
  • 24 – 25 Minute Sessions ($840)

*Active clients receive free monthly 3D body scans.
*Custom packages including nutrition counseling are available.

Located north end of The Woodlands off of FM 1488 near I45 in a private facility. No gym membership needed.